Week 10 2020 CSA

8/11/2020: Well we’ve reached the half-way point in our main season and this week the table was LOADED with the following:

potatoes (red and white)

Hakurie turnips with beautiful greens

tomatoes (slicing and cherry)

eggplant (Asain and regular)


green beans

log cultivated shiitake mushrooms

summer squash



melons (Asian and cantaloupe)





peppers (sweet and hot)

chard (cut fresh)

parsley (cut fresh)

Full Shares: took 3 lbs taters, 1 bunch Hakurei turnips, 1.5 lbs carrots, 1 lb beets or radishes, 1/2 pt cherry toms. and chose 4 from the choice list: melon, log cultivated shiitake mushrooms, 5 leeks, 2-3 fennel, 3 slicing cukes, 1 lb sweet peppers, 2 lbs slicing tomatoes, 1 standard or 2 Asian eggplant, 1 lb bag green beans, 4 pieces of summer squash/zucchini, 1 lb beets or radishes, bunch of chard. Single Shares: took 2 lbs taters, 1 lb carrots, 1/2 pt cherry toms, 1 lb beets or radishes, 1 bunch Hakureis. They could choose 1 more from the full share choice list. All were welcome to take parsley or hot peppers.